You may well have picked up from my monthly newsletters that we have a vision to build a new church school here in Buckingham. There is currently no school with a strong Christian ethos in our town and we want to put that right - parents deserve a choice!

With all the new housing estates being built our current primary schools will have run out of capacity for extra students in the next 2-3 years.  Enlarging them will exacerbate access problems and parking etc ... Please note that this new school would not be competing with the current schools - it is to cater for the demands of the many new families that will move into Buckingham over the next few years.

Your support is vital and so I am asking you to complete a survey so we can evidence significant support from within the community for this new school.  Please complete it (it takes just a couple of minutes) and also please forward the link to any friends that you think will be supportive.  The more people doing this the better for our case.

The survey can be accessed here.

If we are successful the school would open as a Government-funded "free school".  This means it would be funded for us as a "free school" (so it won't cost the church anything) and be a part of Oxford Diocese Buckingham Sschools Trust's group of schools - in other words part of a multi-academy trust.