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There has never been a better time to join an Alpha Course!

Would you like to stop and think about some of the really important questions of life? If so Buckingham Parish Church is now running "On-Line Alpha Courses".
What is the Alpha Course?
The Alpha Course has been described as "an opportunity to explore the meaning of life" and has ten, weekly sessions, each lasting about one and a half hours. Each session involves watching a short film on-line and then joining a small group (of 3-5 guests + a leader) on ZOOM, to chat about what you have seen, comment on what has been helpful or puzzling and ask any questions that may arise.
The sessions help us explore questions like "is there more to life that this?" "does God really exist?" " is it possible to encounter or even know God?", "who was and is Jesus?"  "is it possible to have a conversation with God?" "what about life after death - is that possible?"
If you want to see what the videos are like go to You Tube: click here  
New possibilities due to the Lock-Down:

Our Alpha Courses are normally run in the Church or at the Centre@VerneyClose and we hope to continue with ‘live’ Alpha courses from September, but the current ‘Lock-down’ has presented us with a new way of running Alpha – online, via zoom, with multiple small courses to better suit the needs of our guests.

Being able to run several small courses with a maximum of 5 guests, we aim to offer a choice not only of days of the week but also both day-time & evening ones in addition to the advertised Wednesday evening course.

We also recognise that people want to do an Alpha course for several reasons: to explore the Christian faith for the first time; to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and also to learn how to lead an Alpha small group or even an Alpha Course.

Although some courses are currently running, as the 'on-line' Alpha courses are now 'tailor made'  to the interests or needs of those who want to attend, new courses can be started at any time, even for just one guest. So if you are interested in attending an Alpha course for whatever reason, please complete the registration form, below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please state your preferred day [Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday], your preference for day-time or evening and your reason for wanting to attend the course. Confirmation of the days, times and zoom codes will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you
The Alpha Team