Advice for any elderly or vulnerable people in lockdown

A printable pdf version is available here.

Think ahead

Discuss with family and closest friends.

  • Understand Coronavirus and the advice we have all been given.
  • “Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives”
  • Keep washing your hands, even when alone at home – it’s a good habit to learn
  • It takes 20 seconds to say the Lords Prayer

    Think about your own care –
  •  If you became ill, at what stage would you want to be admitted to hospital?
  •  Would you prefer to stay at home, and if so how would you manage?
  • Do you know what isolation means in hospital; you would have no visitors and it would possibly be a lonely place to die.
  •  Have you discussed the concept of DNR advance directives – see this NHS link (here)
  •  Have you written a will – see this link to a government website (here)
  • Write all your personal details, name, address date of birth, including medicines and GP on a personal information sheet
  • Write down your next of kin on your personal information sheet

Plan ahead

  • What happens if you get ill.
  • Leave a key with a trusted neighbour.
  • Write their name, address and phone number down on your information sheet
  • Consider pets and pet sitter or second home.
  • Discuss with your family or friend, and the person who has your key

Live in readiness

What can you do now?

  • Use and get used to your mobile phone
  • Remember the number – say it to yourself daily! Write it on your information sheet
  • Use your phone daily
  • Phone your closest friend or family daily, and
  • Ask your friends to phone you – maybe allocate different friends to each day?
  • Learn about WhatsApp and Zoom if you can. One of your family or friends will know!
  • Prepare a small bag
  • Pack one now or make a list.
  • Practice packing it and know where everything you need is.

Basic bag items might include:

  • Some old underwear (which can be binned).
  • Basic toiletries
  • Basic clothing
  • Phone (if have one)
  • Phone charger (if have one)
  • Bit of money £5 ish?

Your information sheet with personal, key, phone, next of kin information as above


Sue Fox, 02/04/2020