Prayer Ministry 

Team Leaders: Chris and Cherryl Murray

What has God called you to do?
I felt called to pray for healing many years ago. I’m passionate about it and have prayed for people in the street, on trains, on a cruise ship, etc the latter person was a Jewish lady, and her husband, a doctor. They were SO surprised when she felt the Holy Spirit’s power, and was healed from a number of aches, pains and physical limitations. I pray that they will have come to faith in Jesus.
There are others on the team who have had similar experiences.
If we don’t respond positively to what God is calling us to, we’ll never be fulfilled, but always be frustrated, even if our calling does not always appear to be very fruitful.
If you feel God may be calling you to this ‘ministry,’ please speak to Cherryl or myself.
We need more people involved, particularly regular worshippers at the 9 am and 11.