Team Leader: Ali Burt.  worship@bpchurch.uk

Something slightly different from me this month:
This month I’ve asked some members of the worship team what they would like to thank God for & pray for in this area. Here’s what they said:
Thanks to God for being able to sing together again in church.
Thanks for the production team meaning that we can do all we can do.

Please pray for more varied instruments that can be used in the worship team (they would like to note that Ali is really good at resourcing people in any musical capacity!)

Pray for opportunities to be able to meet more often as a worship team, for learning, teaching & fellowship, to grow in our relationships and in the Holy Spirit.

Pray for more young people in the band.

Personally, please also thank God for a successful camping weekend, & in particular Tom Milner, worship leader at Holy Trinity Barnes (who joined us when we were away) for leading us in sung worship whilst away.”