Prison Ministry Leader - Paul Burgess.

No further news of volunteers being allowed in Chaplaincy and the lads are still struggling; however I understand church services could take place in the next two weeks - prayers please.

On a personal note I am looking for a dedicated small team from our church family, to support me in this ministry. Complete confidentiality is paramount.

Prayer - building up encouraging with possible opportunities to come inside the Jails with me at some point.
This could be suitable for anyone who possibly is not already in a connect group and interested in prison ministry for men, but not to overload or take away from existing commitments.  Ideally, I feel 3 or 4 people would be a nice number I would like to hear from anyone who is interested.

I have also been asked to take over our prison fellowship prayer team which meets up 3rd Thursday of every month at 7pm. Pray for wisdom guidance, structure and excitement please.

Please don’t forget Ray who is a fantastic gentleman who is stepping down - giving me this opportunity.